Hand Embroidery Kits

hand embroidery kits

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Hand Embroidery Kits  
–  Hand embroidery kits make beautiful art that just about anyone can learn.  It has a long history going back to Ancient Egypt to decorate royal robes, used in tapestries of the Middle Ages, and in ladies samplers during the Colonial and Victorian eras.  This craft uses several types of stitches to achieve texture and interest.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Crewel Bucket Of Flowers

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Most hand embroidery kits use five basic stitches. These are outline, satin, lazy daisy, cross, and French knot.  The outline stitch outlines a design with a running stitch.  The satin are closely worked stitches that fill in open areas.  Small flower petals are made with the lazy daisy.  The cross stitch fill in areas or can be used form designs.  The French knot is used to represent small dots for eyes or flower centers for example.

Bucilla 45076 Stamped Embroidery Kit, 30-Inch by 20-Inch Pillowcase Pair, Butterflies in Flight

There are several hand embroidery kits available to produce beautiful guest towels, dresser scarves, pillowcases, or baby bibs. For something special, take a beautiful piece of linen and personalize it with a loved one’s name or include special dates.  Fine stitched articles make wonderful gifts and can become heirlooms that families will cherish and can pass on to the next generation.