Wedding Cross Stitch Patterns

Wedding Cross Stitch Patterns: There are many wedding cross stitch patterns available to commemorate this significant life event.  You’re sure to find wedding cross stitch patterns in a range of complexity.  There are nice selections of designs for both the novice and the experienced stitcher.  Giving a handmade picture to the newlyweds makes a wonderful gift and life-long keepsake.

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Wedding cross stitch patterns can be purchased in a kit or you can design your own.  The kit should come complete with instructions and everything you need to complete the design.  You may need to purchase a frame to put the finished gift in, wrap it, and present at the shower or wedding.  You can create your own wedding cross stitch patterns with a message to commemorate the special day.  A witty quote would be a cute an humorous way to show your friends how much you care.

Wedding cross stitch patterns

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There are items used in the wedding ceremony that can have special wedding cross stitch patterns sewn on them.  The ring bearer’s pillow for example could have the couples initials and/or date stitched on it.  A handkerchief for the bride or groom with their initials.

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Some of the top wedding cross stitch patterns can include graphics of hearts, the symbol of love.  You could make a large heart with the bride’s and groom’s name and date stitched in the center.   A design of two rings intertwined, symbolizing the union of two people.  If the couple exchanged rings in their marriage ceremony, this is a great idea.  Flowers are popular wedding cross stitch patterns.  They can symbolize the first roses the groom ever gave to the bride or the wedding bouquet.  If a couple has a church wedding where bells are rung when they become married, then a design including bells is a great idea.  Doves are a popular symbol for marriage.  A pair of doves snuggling together on a tree branch holding a ribbon in their beaks is another top design.

You may also find wedding cross stitch patterns that commemorate special anniversaries.  Whatever you choose will last for generations and be filled with fond memories.